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6N6P Vacuum Tubes (aka 6Н6П, 6H6Pi, ECC99)

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Our Novosibirsk 6N6P Replacement Upgrade Vacuum Tubes improve sound performance. All our vacuum tubes can be electronically matched to your requirements.


The 6N6P double triode is miniature device enclosed in glass bulb provided with a nine-pin base and an indirectly heated oxide-coated cathode and designed for low frequency power amplification.

Sensibly Equivalent to ECC99, Similar to E182CC (although the pin-out is different). Click Here for further information.

Product Details:

6N6P Novosibirsk, Russia c.1970/80s :

Our NOS fully tested 6N6P  is a popular output tube (around 3.5W) for small audio power amplifiers. Life expectancy 2000hrs. A well made vacuum tube which will deliver excellent results and reliability. For upgrading Amplifiers such as the popular Little Dot & Schitt Range, click here

All our Vacuum Tubes are Fully Bench tested and therefore guaranteed NO leaks or shorts .

These tubes are a very good sound Upgrade and reliable because they have been fully tested here in the UK

Full fitting instructions are included.

Never buy these tubes from an untrusted source. Vintage tubes can cause serious damage untested.

You can download a .pdf User Manual for free here

We check all valves extensively within the UK and offer a full 30 Day Guarantee. No lengthy returns or customs duties! *

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