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Audio Research VS55 Power Amplifier Vacuum Tube Upgrade Kit

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We sell Vacuum Tube Kits for the Audio Research VS55 Power Amplifier.

Choose from a matched Trio of 6N1P, 6N1P-ev or rare 6N1P-e (the Elite!). Graded for Quality and rarity.


6N1P by former Novosibirsk Plant (NEVS) Russia c.1980s NOS. is a robust vacuum tube which will deliver good results. 2000 Hrs Life Expectancy


A ruggedized 6N1P called 6N1P-ev by former Voskhod Factory, Russia c.1980s. Famous ‘Voskhod Rockets’ made to Military Specification including nickel plated pins for good conductivity and gold grid for improved sound. Life expectancy 5000hrs. A robust vacuum tube with excellent results and reliability.


A rare 6N1P variant from the 1960s known as 6N1P-v by Former Reflektor Plant, Russia. These are an outstanding vacuum tube built to military specification and nickel plated pins for improved conductivity. They contain large amounts of rare earth metals such as Caesium and Gold, now too expensive and scarce to employ in modern tubes. These rare earth metals improve both odd and even harmonics and will sound superb in any 6N1P application. These are sold strictly subject to availability and may not be restocked once current supplies diminish. 5000 hrs Life Expectancy.

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Because our Audio Research VS55 Vacuum Tubes are graded, they are an excellent Upgrade.

Above all, they Fully Bench tested. Certainly No Leaks or Shorts.

As a result of being Manufactured to a high specification in the Former USSR, these valves are highly robust.

Voskhod, NEVS or Reflektor Plants. Life expectancy: 2000 – 5000 hrs.

Military grade means improved tighter and deeper bass! Open mid-range, detailed treble, better timing and overall cohesion.

Our Kits are also available for other ARC Models:



If you are unsure about your Amplifier’s requirements you can download a .pdf User Manual for free here

Free 3 x BS310 Set of Audio Research Tube Damping Rings. Full fitting instructions included.



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