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Turntable Spirit Levels

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Our Turntable Spirit Level Range

The main bearing is a critical Turntable component. In order to operate optimally it must offer minimal friction. This is because bearings work best when forces are acting downwards. Tilting causes horizontal force which in turn, affects longer term performance. As a consequence this causes the bearing to wear unevenly. Moreover, non-suspended turntables often have heavy platters which hence exacerbates the problem. AudioZomba offer a Range of Turntable Spirit Levels that help to minimise such problems.

Suspended turntables are designed so their suspensions work in the vertical plane to give “pistonic” motion usually tuned well below audio frequency. If the table is out of true the “pistonic” motion picks up all sorts of parasitic motions, wobbling all over the place sometimes in the audible range (>20hz) and at the frequency of record warps. This is why quality suspended tables take so long to set up – to get the bounce spot on – if the turntable isn’t level the bounce will NEVER be right.

Our standard Spirit levels

We offer a Choice of high quality 40mm clear visibility Turntable bubble levels. They work perfectly for audio applications such as a stereo turntable.

Additionally, they have a reliable, accurate bubble movement which means high sensitivity.

Due to strict Standards, our Turntable Spirit Levels complies with all EU Regulations.

Acrylic housing features high clarity scratch free polished PMMA

Our Premium Aluminium Body Spirit level

The AudioZomba Bullseye Inclinometer Bubble Level is a quality accessory allowing you to achieve a very accurate mount level measurement. The Bubble level is framed in a stable aluminium housing with a mineral glass plate with a measurement grid. The Mineral Glass is specially treated for anti-glare allowing easy and accurate use. The Three contact points on the bubble level and the housing size ensure stable positioning and clear indication of any sloping to help get the best sound quality from your turntable.

The AudioZomba bubble level is a great value level gauge.

It allows you to ensure your turntable is level. Simply place it on top of the turntable and check in several places, adjusting the turntable legs (if possible) or turntable platform until your turntable is perfectly level.

As proper levelling is critical to getting the best sound from your turntable, this is an essential vinyl accessory.

A turntable on a slope is not good, it can effect the performance of your tonearm making it prone to jumping and skipping.

15’/2 Accuracy. Certified DIV-5/1000 Ultra-Precision means accuracy within five (5) one-thousandths (1000) of an inch per division.

Comes in an attractive Protective Case.

Also Available – Our Complete Turntable Bearing Lubrication Kit and our Extensive Laboratory Grade Stylus & Vinyl Cleaning Kits.

Read What HiFi’s article on how to set up a Turntable Here

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Standard Bubble Level, Mountable Standard Bubble Level, Audiophile Choice with Alloy Body

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