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Our Cork Turntable Mat Range

Because our Cork Turntable mat is made from finest Portuguese Cork so they are a very effective sound upgrade. Cork’s exceptional vibration absorbing qualities enables the stereo cartridge to operate optimally.

Our Cork mats open up the sound stage and overall dynamics. They are a worthwhile Upgrade.

Experience improvements in bass control, extension and tone. Discover natural mid-range and sweet detailed treble.

Cork does not cause the muddiness that cork and neoprene mixtures can. It is perfect for damping vibrations. Accordingly it releases life and energy into the music.

Also, it is naturally non-static and non-adhesive, hence the mat is safe for use on all platters.

Cork’s superior grip over felt means that record slippage and timing errors are minimised. This results in improved sound.


Standard Cork Mat:

A deep 3mm x 298mm Upgrade Cork Turntable Mat. It has excellent vibration absorption and thus improved sound quality. A Great Choice for improved sound.

Standard Slim-Line Mat:

A Slim-Line 1.5mm x 298mm Upgrade Turntable Mat. It has excellent vibration absorption and thus improved sound quality. Optimised for Tonearms with a narrow vertical Tracking Angle (VTA). No need for arm adjustments, therefore a great choice where height is critical!

Premium Cork Mat:

A deep 3mm x 298mm Upgrade Turntable Mat. Our mat has excellent vibration absorption and thus improved sound quality. It Includes a 0.5mm label Groove which allows perfect contact with the vinyl record. It is a very good sound upgrade due to its superior design. Our Best Choice for sound.

Also available our Cork Isolation Feet and Pads and our   Dual Turntable Strobe/Cartridge Alignment Protractor!

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3mm Standard Mat, 1.5mm Slimline Mat, Premium 3mm Mat

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