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Vinyl Record Cleaning & Stylus Cleaner Kits

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Vinyl Record Cleaner Kits – Build Your Own and save ££££s!

Choose from the following Vinyl Record Cleaner combinations:

  • 250ml Atomiser – Shimmer Vinyl Record Cleaner & Groove-seeking micro-cloth RRP: £12.95
  • AudioZomba DustMagnet™ Stylus Polymer RRP: £15.95
  • 10ml Stylus Cleaner with Brush Applicator RRP: £9.95
  • Anti-static Carbon Fibre Stylus Brush RRP: £8.95
  • Anti-Static Carbon Fibre Vinyl Record Brush RRP: £8.95

Detailed Product Descriptions:

Shimmer Vinyl Record Cleaner Features:

  • Highly purified isopropyl alcohol (>99.9%)
  • 6 -Stage steam distilled & filtered laboratory grade water
  • Contains Ilford Ilfotol® photo grade anti-static agent, which as a result also assists rapid drying.
  • Attractive 250mL ‘fine mist’ Cosmetics Industry Approved Atomiser
  • Crystal clear bottle – see the clarity and purity of the solution for yourself
  • Generous machine washable 40 x 40cm tough-weave soft groove-seeking microfibre applicator cloth specially selected for optimum use with SHIMMER
  • Comprehensive Instruction card included for optimal results every time!

DustMagnet Stylus Polymer features:

The unique DustMagnet™ is a specially developed polymer pad researched by AudioZomba. By literally grabbing dust and dirt from the stylus tip, it cleans and thus maintains your stylus in pristine condition. We suggest using the DustMagnet™ every time. Use our Stylus fluid where there are signs of built up contamination.

Just gently drop your stylus on it, count to three and its all done!


8-Page Full colour User Booklet.
Clever design means longer stylus life by up to 1000 hrs
A clean stylus protects your vinyl collection and therefore saves money.
Improved sound quality and reduced background noise provides for better listening.
Because it is rechargeable it will keep on working for years with average use. Just follow the care instructions!

Stylus Cleaner Features:

Powerful Isopropyl Alcohol based Stylus Cleaners means easy stubborn dirt removal.
Our 10ml Glass Bottle with in-built Brush Applicator is perfect for stylus cleaning tasks.
We recommend using the DustMagnet™ for regular cleaning because over-use of fluid can be harmful to your stylus. Use where there is evidence of built up.
Due to the built-in applicator brush, removal of dust and deposits is made simple.
The brush is very soft and thus conforms to the shape of the cantilever tube and stylus tip.
Always start from behind the stylus brushing gently towards yourself.
Two or three brush strokes are normally all that is necessary to clean any stubborn build up.
Recap the STYLUS CLEANER bottle to prevent loss or evaporation.

Vinyl Record Cleaner – Anti Static Carbon Fibre Brushes:

Due to the high density of carbon fibres, these brushes possess anti Static properties which remove pops and crackles.

  • Manufactured from carefully sourced finest 3µm Grade Japan 12KT700 High Conductivity Carbon Fibre for optimised anti-static capability.
  • Ergonomic Flip-Top Record Brush self cleans the bristles to remove dust by flipping away from the disc after use.

The result is reduced noise and improved playback quality so that you enjoy your Vinyl Records.

Available for both Vinyl & Stylus, they make an invaluable addition to your record care kit.

See Also our compact Stylus Cleaning Kits here

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  • Use wet or Dry - We recommend using a pair for Professional Results
  • Audiophile Quality from AudioZomba
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