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AudioZomba Universal Record Clamp

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Record Clamp Summary:

  • Attractive ergonomic designed Turntable Vinyl Record Clamp
  • Black eggshell finish with Gold Lettering
  • Strong Vice-like Grip – help ameliorate warp effects
  • Perfect Record Weight for all turntables suspended or not
  • Audiophile Quality by AudioZomba

Our Record Stabilizer reduces resonance, vibration and thus boosts Vinyl Record sound quality.

AudioZomba Record Clamp Description

The Clamp:

Record clamps differ markedly to record weights, and as they exert downward force gripping the disc to the spindle, so they don’t need to be heavy nor do they apply additional weight to the platter. This is a very key advantage when using with lightly sprung turntables. Many modern vinyl records can be thin, flexible and as a result, warped or bowed. As most records are not perfectly flat on the turntable platter, sound reproduction may suffer due to unwanted resonances.  Warped records tend to contact the platter at the outer edge only. As a result, Anti-Skating may be less effective and record wear is thus increased. The AudioZomba Turntable Record Weights bring the record into intimate contact with the platter and thus delivers sound improvements whether warped or not! The Clamp firmly tightens down on the record evenly, minimising vibration due to improved contact between the vinyl and the Platter.

Our Clamp features :

An Eggshell finished Black Polymer coated metal Universal Turntable clamp with anodised bright alloy knurled Twist & Grip. A well made clamp that will do the job and last for many years. Lightweight design works very well with all non-suspended decks PLUS suspended Turntables such as the Linn Sondek LP12, Thorens TD Series etc., where heavy weights can bottom the springs out.


The spindle requires 7.5mm of un-tapered spindle protruding above the record. Most Modern Turntables meet this requirement. Please Note that it is not suitable for threaded spindles.
This Clamp is not suitable for a Michell Orbe, Rega threaded spindle, or ones with a shorter spindle than 7.5mm.

Our Record Clamp comes complete with a Smart Black Leatherette Presentation Case for safe storage.

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