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FatGoat™ Anti-Static Goat Hair Vinyl Record Brush

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FatGoat™ Anti-Static Goat Hair Vinyl Record Brush

The Anti-Static Record Cleaner brush is a tool that removes dust, static and dirt from vinyl records. In fact, a basic care regime may be the best system upgrade you will ever make!

The FatGoat™ is a luxurious soft Goat hair Vinyl Record Cleaner Brush. White Goat’s hair possesses natural anti-static properties. Because it has static draining Goat’s hairs, it discharges static and thus acts as an effective anti-static brush!

A smart black beech wood stock houses a generous soft and deep pile. The most generous vinyl dust removal brush available. It out-performs our competition because it has more anti-static Goat’s Hair !

Advance the life of your vinyl and diamond stylus. Our dry brush removes loose dust and static effectively. Background pops and crackles are thus drastically reduced.


Note: NOT suitable for wet cleaning applications.

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