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Ultra-Sonic Bulk Vinyl Record Cleaner – Re-Usable formula

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Ultrasonic Record Cleaning fluid

Introducing Shimmer Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Fluid is specially formulated for all Ultra-Sonic Record Cleaning Machines (us-RCMs).

Unique Low Volatility formulation for safe yet effective Ultra-Sonic cleaning. Specifically Optimised for Vinyl Records

AudioZomba™ Shimmer™ – Advanced Vinyl Cleaner in Bulk Sizes for Ultra-Sonic Vacuum Record Cleaning Machines.

An absolute must for the discerning audiophile. Our advanced Professional Vinyl Restoration Solution is formulated specifically for Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Vinyl record cleaning is often debated amongst vinyl collectors. Benefits include extending vinyl life, enhanced audio quality, and extended Stylus Life. Because thorough record cleaning removes foreign matter, it thus drastically reduces audible noise. When cleaning large numbers of records, therefore, bulk Record Cleaners can be highly cost effective. Contamination can be extremely bad for your records and stylus. In fact, ground in dirt can damage your vinyl which in turn can ruin a record’s sound quality.

For owners of Record Cleaning Machines, then using the best Vinyl Cleaning Solution is critical. Because Record Cleaner purity is essential, it follows that a laboratory Grade cleaner will get the best out of your RCM. Shimmer Ultra-Sonic penetrates deep and thus affords you have complete peace of mind.

Shimmer: Perfect For Ultra-Sonic Record Cleaning Machines:

Our Vinyl Record Cleaner is developed using pharma skills and lab Grade ingredients. It reaches the record micro-grooves to dislodge dirt and debris. Formulated for all modern Ultra-Sonic RCMs, it is therefore an economical, wise choice for the audiophile. Due to a built-in surfactant, our fluid goes deep into the micro-grooves, and thus reaches the deepest dirt and debris.

Shimmer Ultra-Sonic Features:

  • High Purity Bio-ethanol (>99.9%)
  • 6 -Stage steam distilled lab grade water
  • Non-Ionic Photo-Grade Surfactant
  • Built in wetting / agent gets into the groove!
  • Follow your Ultrasonic RCM Maker’s Instructions for optimal results.


You can expect first class results every time!

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