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Stylus Brush – Carbon Fibre

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Because our Carbon Fibre Stylus Cleaning Brush contains 40% MORE BRISTLES it results in long life and more effective static removal:

  • Carefully sourced finest 3µm Grade Japan 12KT700 High Conductivity Carbon Fibre for optimised anti-static capability.
  • Protective Packaging with instructions included

Due to short densely packed SQUARE carbon fibre bristles, our anti-static brush provides gentle, effective stylus cleaning. Because Carbon Fibre is an expensive material, most carbon stylus cleaning brushes have a ROUND head which, in turn reduces contact with the stylus. Consequentially, the brush wears out which can result in poor performance while damaging your records.

Additional Pictures refer to:

In order to preserve your stylus, we Strongly recommend our Revolutionary DustMagnet™ Stylus Polymer for every time use.

Also available in our shop on its own or as part of our Stylus Care kits.

Essential Stylus Accessory:

The brush preserves your stylus hence protecting your vinyl records from damage!

Product Range:

Our extensive range of Vinyl & Stylus Cleaning kits provide all that you need to preserve your precious turntable and vinyl collection resulting in superb audiophile sound quality.


Length: 2.7″ / 6 cm
Width of brush head: 0.4″ / 1 cm
Width of brush: 0.2″ / 0.6 cm
Material : Carbon Fibre Hair + PP
Brush size : 2.4*0.3*0.5 inch

Protective Packaging included.

For a deeper understanding of Anti-static devices and how they work, visit the Wikipaedia entry here

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