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Stylus Cleaner – DustMagnet™ Stylus Cleaning Polymer

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  • Stylus DustMagnet Polymer
  • Rechargeable – Lasts for Years
  • Audiophile Product
  • Better & Cheaper than the competition
  • Full 8 Page Instruction Booklet included

DustMagnet™ Polymer Stylus Cleaning Device:

An abused turntable stylus does not look good under a microscope. Also, the sound will be distorted and worse, the dirty needle dragging across your record could damage the vinyl itself.

At AudioZomba, we made sure that you have the number one and top quality option when it comes to cleaning your stylus.

We are proud to present to you the revolutionary new stylus DustMagnet Polymer cleaner developed in our own AudioZomba Research Laboratories in Hertfordshire, England by top vinyl and valve enthusiasts.

DustMagnetis a durable, top quality Precision Polymer Stylus cleaning device that features a unique and safe formula. It is rechargeable and can last for several years.

Our very own stylus cleaner minimises the stubborn build up and protects the stylus and record. It is so easy to clean for repeated use. Re-energize it just by simply rinsing it under the tap.

It comes with a full instruction booklet!

To clean your stylus, just drop your stylus onto the polymer, count to three and then lift off. And just like that, your stylus is fresh and clean!

For better build-up mitigation, you can also use our powerful Stylus Cleaning Fluid from our Stylus Care Kit along with this device. 

Revolutionize the way you clean your turntable stylus with DustMagnet™!

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